You want to provide better products and services, create higher profit margins, and thrive. We want to help.

We believe that data and standardization can help propel your company forward - giving you insights into what's working, what's not, and how to make changes to increase your profits.

Data should drive ACTION. 

It can be interesting to look at data just to see what it says. But in your business, you want to see change. Avant Analytics specializes in using data to improve your efficiency and profitability.

Working with us is a collaborative experience. We recognize that you know your business and we know ours.

Partnered together, we can build something even better.

Your needs are unique. That's why we work with you to identify the best options to implement. Whether you need in house analytics tools, data dashboards to drive your work, or on-going analytics services provided by us, we'll find the solution that's right for your budget and needs.

We work with businesses of all sizes and all scopes. Whether you are a mom-and-pop service business or a multi-national corporation, we have the expertise to help you take the next step.


Jen Hood is the founder of Avant Analytics. She has over 15 years of experience using data to drive improvements, save money, and increase revenue. 

‚ÄčMost medium to large companies are already working with their data to help drive their businesses. It takes time to implement massive changes though and it's often done ad-hoc within the business. Partnering with Avant Analytics means you have guidance from an expert in implementing analytics with a focus on business results.

Small businesses can benefit from leveraging their data too. Here at Avant Analytics, we have experience helping small businesses to streamline their businesses and improve their results.