Avant Analytics offers consulting services in three major areas - analysis, automation, and management.

Every business is unique so we tailor our approach to your needs. This may mean you need temporary help to make improvements or you may want on-going support. 

Consulting Areas


Whether it's determining which products or services are performing best, or tracking overall business metrics, understanding your data can help you run a more efficient business.

With over 15 years helping businesses of all sizes leverage their data, we'll find the best approach for you.


Streamline your operations so you can focus on areas that provide more value to your customers and allow you to grow. 

Rather than spending hours you can ill-afford on repetitive tasks, standardize and automate these tasks so your focus can be spent on growing your business.


Manage your business with the help of visual tools and dashboards to quickly let you see what's working.

Implementing new tools or ways of working can fundamentally shift how your business operates. Strategic project planning can help ensure success at a faster pace.

How it Works

We'll start with a going over your needs in detail. This covers three main areas: 

  • Your objectives - What do you want to accomplish? 
  • Your timeline - What deadlines do you have?
  • Our approach - What can you expect when working with us? What are the next steps?

You'll receive a written summary of the work we're going to perform, how long it will take, milestones, and cost. 

Once work starts, we'll regularly check in with you so we can gather inputs that we may need from you and to keep you informed of how work is progressing. Depending on the project, these check ins may be more or less frequent.

For on-going activities, we'll have periodic checkpoints to ensure your expectations are still being met.

Focus areas include:

Business Analytics

Every business is filled with data, but not every business leverages their data.

Implement regular analytics to help guide your business decisions. Analytics can help explain what's going on, predict what's going to happen, and prescribe changes to improve your business.

Pricing Analytics

Don't just track your prices or randomly adjust them. Optimize your prices.

Identify your high margin products and customers and those that aren't living up to expectations. Plan promotions and pricing changes to optimize your profits while providing value to your customers.

Sales Analytics

Understand your sales beyond how many products/services you're selling.

Track sales trends to adjust your staffing, advertising, and production volumes. Identify sales and margins per product/service and use it to adjust your offerings - removing and adding options that are good fits with your current products or services.

Data Visualization

There are many different ways to look at your data so that it's easy to understand.

We focus on data visualization for business management.

For most businesses, this means dashboards which give an overview of the business performance and highlights areas where you may need to focus.

Process Standardization

As your business grows, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of quality. 

Standardizing processes ensures customers have the same experience regardless of who they interact with. It also sets the stage for automating tasks which are methodical and necessary, but may be draining time and resources.

Our process standardization consulting focuses on practical steps that streamline your business allowing you to spend more time on the areas where your expertise adds more value.

Project Management

Bigger changes within your business need dedicated focus and time. These may be in short supply though.

A straightforward project plan ties your goals and timeline together to ensure a more seamless implementation. Project management consulting covers the strategic planning phase and can optionally include the project execution.

Other Areas

Need support in another area not listed?

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