Analyzing your data doesn't have to be difficult.

Simple visual analysis tools like Tableau let you explore and analyze your data in an intuitive way. 

Whether you're new to Tableau and want to learn completely from scratch or you're familiar with Tableau and ready to learn more features and tricks, this training has you covered.

Explore your data with Tableau 2020 and build beautiful data visualizations that convey meaningful insights.

Learn How To...

  • Set up Tableau
  • Connect various data sources to projects
  • Create relationships among datasets
  • Join, blend, and union data
  • Perform calculations
  • Create drill down reports
  • Implement filters and quick filters
  • Build insightful visualizations
  • Combine individual visualizations into dashboards
  • Export results from Tableau to Powerpoint and other file types
  • Prepare for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification
  • And more!

Train for Practical Application

Practice in Real Time

Most people learn best when they practice what they learn. This training is built around that concept.

Follow along with the training at real-time speed in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public. All datasets used in the training are included as downloads with the course so you can recreate the exact same analysis shown in the training videos.

Realistic Case Studies

Outside of a training environment, you will not have step-by-step instructions for how to work in Tableau. 

The 4 case studies included in the training let you practice your skills without being told step-by-step what to do. Each case study includes a video walk through of how to complete it for you to watch afterwards.

Quizzes & Practice Exams

When you're feeling comfortable with the information you have learned, take the quizzes in each section to test your knowledge.

This Tableau training also includes a practice exam for the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification.

This course does not include the certification exam.

On-Demand Training

5 hours of on-demand video lessons, 4 case studies, knowledge quizzes. Everything you need to start working in Tableau and prepare for certification.

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Live & Custom Training

Tableau training held live for groups - in-person or remote. Customization to specific business needs available.

Contact Us to find out about our custom and live training options.